Sunday, November 2, 2008

Funny Thoughts

This is a quote from a story on the Fox News website: "An SM-3 fired from the USS Paul Hamilton directly hit the first target missile." The first thought in my narrow mind was, "How could a typewriter stop a missile?" Ah, the mind of a typewriter collector! NaNoWriMo update:3980 and nowhere near what I had planned. Love this one: " A recent survey of the top 1,000 living English-language authors finds that more than 80 percent own manual typewriters averaging 43 years in age and three broken functions, with a per-unit resale value of $4.75 and slipping. Yet in a questionnaire about their response if brigands should invade their homes and demand either their beat-up old manual typewriters or their spouses on pain of death, a whopping 96 percent wrote 'Spouse.'"

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Two-thousand one-hundred and ninety-four words (<-this is how to pad a word count!), pounded out on a 1967 Olympia SM-9 all with no plot outline what so ever. Sweet deal today at the thrift store, Late model SM-9 (circa 1973) for half off of ten dollars and ninety-one cents (<-yet another ploy to pad my word count). Mechanically, I like this typewriter better that the '67 but I like the aesthetic value from the earlier models. Oh, well. Can't have your cake and eat it to. By the way does any one else type this:* instead of this:' when switching from a typewriter to a computer?